Natural Beauty Tips for Face | How to Look Pretty / Beautiful Without Makeup?

Beauty Tips for Face – All of us wish to be beautiful and healthy in our lifetime. Physical health should be taken care and important than our appearance. Our beauty lies in our diet and how we maintain our body. According to Experts Mental health is also important for beauty. We can glow with little make up and when we take care of all these things.

How to get beautiful eyes naturally?

Our eyes are the index of our emotions. Our eyes gets affected due to sudden weight loss, insomnia, skipping food, nutrient deficiency, Poor quality make up products, sun exposure etc., The skin around your eyes are very sensitive. Sleeplessness is the main reason for dark circles. Apart from day sleep, eight hours of night sleep is essential. You can apply potato juice in under eye area. Or you can place cucumber slices on your eyes.

Close your eyes and place cucumber slices on it to get refreshed and cure dark circles. Place cotton balls soaked with rosewater on your eyes overnight to hide dark circles. Mix equal amount of castor oil and lamp oil (we get in country medicine shop) and apply in under eye area. It removes dryness and helps for the growth of eye brows and eyelashes too. Massage in circulation motion in under eye area and above eye brows to improve blood circulation. It removes fine lines, wrinkles and makes your eyes fresh. Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes. Foods rich in Vitamin A like carrot, Drumstick leaves, fish, liver, milk, eggs are good for your eyes.

How to Treat an Infected Ear Piercing?

For some people ears will have darker skin tone. The reason for this is we don’t take proper care of our eyes. Wearing long and heavy earrings can also affect the length of your ear hole. Some people are allergic for certain metals and cause sores. Atleast weekly once while you take head bath, wash your earring in soap water and wear it. Or Dip buds in some oil and clean the corner of your ears.

Tamil Beauty Tips for Blackheads

Blackheads and whiteheads are the main problem for those who have crossed 40 years of age. Gently give a press with a towel dipped in warm water. Otherwise take steaming in water adding mint leaves, neem leaves, lemon etc., Then cover an ice cube with a cloth and give a press. If you take steaming monthly once regularly there are chances for permanent cure of black heads.

How to Get Chubby Cheeks for Female Naturally?

If you have oily skin you may get pimples. Chubby or skinny cheeks depends on your jawline and hereditary. By giving hydration and massage to your cheeks and taking healthy food gives you glowing skin. To get chubby cheeks apply oil and sugar mixture or apply apple juice and give upward facial stroke. Mix lemon juice with Apple and carrot juice and take it in the morning to get chubby cheeks.

How to Get Pink Lips Naturally at Home?

Lips plays an important role to enhance our beauty. Dry lips, dark lips spoil our beauty sometimes. Using low quality lipstick can make your lips darker. Vitamin B deficiency and drinking packaged fruit juices can also cause dark lips. Apply coconut oil or paraffin if you have mouth ulcers. Rose water also gives pink lips. You can use curd for this. Apply honey to get hydrated lips. Massage your upper lips from side to centre direction. And for lower lips massage to centre towards corner to refresh your lips.

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