Dry Skin Care Tips – Remedies for dry skin on face

How to Treat Dry Skin on Face, Feet and Hands

We already read about causes, important vitamins, foods and we also want to know what exactly to do with our dry skin problem – if so, you came to the right place. This article simply points out important skin care products, remedies for dry skin, and how to treat dry skin on parts of the body: face, hands and feet.

Product Recommendations

If you have dry skin on face, here you have some tips on treating your skin, to help your skin with the problem:

  • Use cleansing lotion (or cream)
  • Use non-alcohol toner for dry skin
  • Use nourishing-moisturising or regenerative face creams
  • Use cream for your eyes and neck in the morning and in the evening
  • Make nourishing masks on face, neck and décolletage twice a week
  • Additionally, humidifiers with prolonged effectiveness may be used
  • Protect skin against UVA and UVB irradiation
  • Protect skin against frost and wind in the winter
  • Moisten the air at home and work
  • Take care about relaxation and provide enough oxygen

The list is maybe long, but it’s not hard to follow. If there are solutions for dry skin problem, it’s our responsibility to deal with it, it won’t only look better, you will also feel better!

Solutions for Hands and Feet

For Feet:

Rub your feet with mixture made of olive oil and salt. Apply vaseline on your feet, put on cotton socks and keep it on all night long.

For Hands:

Apply vaseline on your hands for 15 minutes, to allow vaseline to work better on your hands, use gloves (kitchen gloves). Great for hands are shea butter or argan oil, they are very nourishing and effective.

Having dry skin it’s important to provide nourishing foods and vitamins for our body. If you follow weight loss diet, make sure it includes vitamins and fats your body and skin needs, read an article about foods and vitamins for dry skin. If you think long baths help your dry skin – you are wrong, it’s important to drink plenty of water but contact with water actually do not help and even is bad for dry skin, sounds strange? But that’s the fact.


  • Do not use soap and water to wash face
  • Do not sunbathe too often
  • Do not use astringent masks
  • Do not use grained peelings too often
  • Do not smoke cigarettes

Ingredients to Look for in Cosmetics

  • Substances influencing providing water: mineral salts, NMF, hydrophilic amino acids, milk acid salts, water acids.
  • Lipids building cellular cement
  • Vitamins (especially A, E and panthenol)
  • Biologically active substances – ASC III