Dry Skin Care Tips – Remedies for dry skin on face

Treatments for Very Dry Skin at the Beauticians

30% of population (25+ years) have problem with dry skin, so it’s very common. Still many of us do not know how to deal with it and some don’t even care about it, untill it brings painful experiences. There are several treatments for dry and very dry skin. Often we can deal with dry skin at home, however in some cases it’s better to visit a beautician. Let’s take a look what treatments are good for us and what dry skin needs.

Dry Skin Needs:

If you deal with dry or very dry skin problem, your skin may need:

  • Nourishing
  • Providing oxygen
  • Moisturizing
  • Firming

It’s also important to find the causes of dry skin, knowing the causes help us deal better with the problem.

Treatments in Spas

During a treatment the beautician will take care about your décolletage, neck and skin around eyes. Cosmetics used depend on your skin state. The experienced beautician will make your skin smooth, velvety and nicely-coloured.

If skin is tired, it will need regenerative treatments. They should be made once or twice a week for one or two months. Treatments should be repeated once or twice a month to provide good effects.

If your skin is dry and you are over 20, you should go to the beautician regularly. Proper home care and professional treatments will help you to keep good appearance for a long time. Check some treatments your beautician can offer:


It’s quiet new treatment, created for those interested in improving skin’s appearance and functioning in short period of time. It’s recommended for dry skin but for other types of skin as well, no matter the age and skin damages. After treatment your skin will be smooth, refreshed and regenerated. Skin’s elasticity and colors will be much improved, brightened discolorations, reduced fine lines, wrinkles and scars. Just one session gives you many benefits, however several treatments are recommended. How many? It all depends on your skin condition.

Intensively Moisturizing Treatment

Treatment formulated especially for dry and dehydrated skin on face and around eyes areas. Treatment gets rid of dead skin cells, refreshing and smoothing skin’s appearance. Vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other substances restore skin’s moisture level, diminishing the same time feelings of dryness and improve skin’s elasticity. Special serum provides oxygen for your skin cells improving intracellular metabolism. Herbal mask hydrates and smooths wrinkles.

There are also other treatments offered in spa salons, they often use plants, biological or other substances with high concentration of active ingredients to provide great amount of moisture for your skin. They are also homemade herbal masks recipes and homemade remedies for dry skin especially.