Face Brightening Home Remedies

Most of wish to get brighter skin especially when we are out with our friends or while attending functions. To get a glowing and brighter skin tone we use many soaps, creams but won’t get expected results. For glowing and brighter skin tone we would have tried many soaps, creams but couldn’t get expected results. In this video we are going to share how to prepare a skin brightening face mask at home.

Wash 4 Amlas (Gooseberry), cut it into small pieces and discard the seeds. Vitamin C present in Amla increases collagen production and gives healthy skin. Moreover it gives us a clean and clear skin. In a mixie jar transfer the gooseberry pieces and grind it to a fine paste and add water if required. Transfer the grounded paste to a bowl. Add 1 spoon curd in it. Curd gives you a glowing skin and tightens your skin pores.

Finally add 1 spoon of honey. Honey helps to keep your skin young and glowing. Antibacterial properties present in it prevents skin damage. Mix it well. Skin brightening face mask is ready. Wash your face and wipe it with a clean towel. Apply this face mask, leave it for 15 – 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Both men and women can use this face pack and for best results use this thrice in a week.

Full Body Fairness Treatment at Home

So far we have uploaded videos for facial and acne treatment. Today we are see video on full body fairness treatment. Generally we don’t give much importance to our face and not body. So there is different skin tone in face and body. In today’s show we are going to see how to make total body fair with home remedies.

Glowing Skin

Essentials for this are Green gram, Red lentils, Red lentils (Masoor dal), Gram Flour, Liquorice powder, Sandalwood powder. I have dried the orange peel and powdered it. Finally kasthuri turmeric powder. Take a mixie jar and add 2 tbsp green gram flour. Then add 2 tbsp red lentil (masoor dal). Grind it into a fine powder. Transfer the grinded powder to a bowl. Add 1 tbsp of Gram Flour to it. Add 2 tsp liquorice powder (Athimaduram). You can get liquorice powder in country medicine shops. Add 1/2 tbsp of Sandal wood powder. Then 1 tbsp of orange peel powder.

Finally add 1/4 tbsp of kasthuri turmeric powder. Mix it well. Make the powder with the said proportion and You can store this powder for 20-25 days at room temperature. Now the powder is ready and take required amount of powder in a separate bowl. Add curd with this if you have oily skin. If your skin is sensitive add milk with it. Add rose water if you have combination skin. My skin is combination skin and so i am adding rose water with it. Mix it well. It has reached a thick consistency paste. Apply this on your face and body and leave it for 20 minutes. Green gram flour is rich in Vitamin c and Vitamin B 6. It helps for new cell formation and removes blackheads and whiteheads.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C present in masoor dal hides black marks improves our skin tone. Liquorice powder improves our skin complexion and changes the skin brightening. Sandalwood powder reduces the oil secretion. It kills the germs in the skin and prevents pimples,acne, pores. Orange peel powder gives brightness to our skin and prevents wrinkles. Kasthuri turmeric powder gives smoothness and shine to our skin. After 20 minutes wet your hands with water and massage your face and body for 2 minutes. Then you can take bath as usual.