Face scrub for Exfoliate, Remove dead skin cells and Get Clear Skin

Face scrub for Exfoliate – With a smile and brighter skin you will rock irrespective of your skin tone. New cell formations and dead cells are natural processes. Clogged pores may hinder dead cells removal. This may lead to premature ageing and rough skin. Washing your face may not remove the dead cells completely. Using scrub removes dead cells as well as makes our skin bright. In facial scrub is an initial step as it removes dead cells.

Weekly once we can use scrub and in this video we will see how to do that at home? I have Vasu Age Revitalizing Sugar Scrub and continue watching the video I have also given an explanation for your doubts related to scrub. If you use scrub once in a week continuously your skin will become brighter. Most of us prepare sugar scrub at home and this product is amazing. I am using this scrub because it is a natural product.

Face Scrub for Exfoliate with Natural ingredients

It contains Sugar, Kumkumadhi Thailam, Vitamin E and 22 herbs. All of us know that sugar is an exfoliating agent. They have added kumkumadhi thailam which has saffron, sandalwood oil etc., in it. The next ingredient is natural vitamin E oil extracted from leaves. Vitamin E oil is rich in antioxidants which enhances our beauty. Vitamin E present in this scrub helps to prevent wrinkles and keeps our skin bright. There are 22 herbs included in this scrub so surely it is better than homemade ones. As this product is free of harmful chemicals Sulphur, paraben, it is an added advantage.

Now-a-days wrinkles start to appear in 25 years itself, so use scrub to prevent this. Its mild fragrance is also my favourite. Wash your face before applying this and damp skin will be better. Apply sugar scrub on your face. Gently massage it and massaging is good when you apply skincare products. This massage removes impurities, dead cells and makes our skin soft. Massage for a few minutes and wash your face with plain water.

Use this scrub weekly twice skipping under eye area. When you use this regularly your skin will be soft and smooth. If you have sensitive skin do a patch test before using this scrub. It is a complete vegan product and dermatological tested product. If you know the pricing details of the product kindly check the link given in the description box. If you like the product after using it share it in the comment box. It will be useful for others. As I told earlier some of our subscribers have asked questions related to scrub.

Can we use face scrub around the eye area?

No as you have sensitive skin in the eye area you shouldn’t apply scrub. Which is the right time for using scrub? You can use either in the morning or evening but only weekly twice. Can we use face wash after scrub? No need to use face wash if you use store bought scrub as it has exfoliating agents. If you use homemade scrub you can use face wash.

Can we use scrub to cure dark circles?

As I mentioned earlier you should not use scrub in the eye area. Let us know in the comments we will share the links of our videos on how to remove dark circles. After using the scrub in the night, can we use scrub the next morning? No. It will cause skin irritation and makes your skin rough. I am a teenager. Can I use Scrub? Yes you can use it. Can we use Aloe vera after using scrub? Yes as aloe vera gel will act as an moisturiser.