Homemade Hair Masks – Tips for Using DIY Hair Masks

Homemade hair masks are so great for your hair. What I love the most about these natural and homemade hair masks is that you know exactly what are the ingredients and exactly what you put in your hair. You don’t have to worry about reading many, many hair product labels and trying to understand are the ingredients really healthy for your hair. And also for the amazing effect you get, the money you spend on making these masks is ridiculously low. So, here are my 10 best tips for using homemade hair mask.

Tip #1

If you make your hair masks yourself I advise you to buy a hair dye kit with plastic bowl and a hair dye brush and regular brush. It is always better to use a separate bowl from bowls you use for different things. And hair masks are always easier to apply to your hair while using a hair dye brush than your hands and plus your hands don’t get so messy. Regular brush will help you to even out the hair mask after applying it. Of course, not all hair masks need that.

Tip #2

Remember not to put in too much of the mask in your hair. It may start to leak and you can get uncomfortable and ruin your clothes or just make a mess around your house.

Tip #3

The amount of ingredients in your hair mask recipe can change depending on your hair length and volume. So, just add more or less and just keep the proportions of ingredients the same. For example, if you have longer hair, and recipe says “use one egg yolk” for this recipe I guess you will have to add one more if not three egg yolks. So, just add 2 egg yolks and double the amount of other ingredients as well etc.

Tip #4

If your hair mask requires using some fruits make sure you blend the fruits very well and it has no lumps. If you leave sum lumps the mask it will be harder to put on your hair and it will be harder to get out of your hair too. For example, you don’t want any banana chunks in your hair, trust me.
While applying your hair mask, remember to massage your scalp. It is very important and very healthy for your hair because it stimulates blood flow and increases hair thickness.

Tip #5

While the homemade hair masks is in your hair you can cover your hair with a shower cap. It will help you to avoid making a mess and also the mask will sit in better because of the added heat. The cheap alternative is a plastic bag, but that will add some serious heat so don’t leave it in as long as written in the recipe (-5 to -10 minutes).

Tip #6

After applying any natural self-made hair mask and getting ready to wash it out, I advise you wash it out with warm, almost cool water. And then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. And/or follow the next tip.
After washing out usually any hair mask the hair is pretty stiff and sticky so after you wash out the mask apply hair conditioner to your hair and leave it in for at least 5 minutes no matter what the label on the bottle says. Then wash your hair as usual with shampoo and then conditioner.

Tip #7

If you choose to do an overnight hair mask, be careful when choosing a recipe. You probably want to choose ingredients that would not interfere with your good night’s sleep (don’t start to itch, smell etc.). Like yogurt, banana, avocado, egg etc. are probably not the best choices for overnight hair masks.

Tip #8

Also for overnight hair masks. Before going to sleep with your hair mask in your hair, remember about your precious pillow. To avoid making a mess in your bed, you can put on a shower cap (if that doesn’t disturb your sleep) and put a towel over your pillow. If you don’t like sleeping in your shower cap put two towels over your pillow because one towel might not do the trick.