Homemade Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control and Hair Growth

Homemade Hair Oil for Faster Hair Growth is the best way to repair your hair. Recently we uploaded a video for hair loss treatment using onion .. Many of you liked it and some of you commented that you don’t onion smell, Onion is bit pricey and asked for an alternative solution too. This video is specially for you.

Hair Fall Control Oil

In a Mixie jar add 2 spoon of Karunjeeragam (Kalonji seeds) You can get it easily in Country medicine shops. If you want to buy it online kindly check the link given in the desctiption box. Our forefathers used kalonji seeds and this was the secret for healthy hair. Kalonji seeds has the nutrients essential for our hair. It also triggers our hair growth. Kalonji seeds cures hair related problems like Premature Grey hair, Dandruff etc., Now add 2 spoon of fenugreek seeds. All of us know that Fenugreek seeds is good for our hair.

It also controls our body heat. It cures Scalp itching, dandruff etc. But if you have cold body then you may get sinus problem. Let us know in the comment if you have sinus problem we will make a special video for you. As kalonji seeds are added in this it will balance the cooling effects. Blend kalonji seeds and fenugreek seeds into a fine powder. Take 200ml cold pressed coconut oil in a pan. Add the grounded powder in it and mix well. Now we have to heat the oil but dont’t place it directly on the stove.

Do it in double boiling method as I do in this video. Transfer the oil in a glass bottle after it cools down. There is no need to store it in refregerator. Keep it in sunlight time to time that is enough. Don’t expect the results on the spot and it may take from 2-3 months. This oil alone is not enough for hair growth.. You need to change your food habits. We will upload a separate video for this so do watch it.