How to Get rid of Facial Hair? Expert Guide to Best Options

Expert Guide to Best Options to Get rid of Facial Hair – All humans, both the male and female of the species, have hair all over the body including the face. Unluckily, some people have a greater tendency to grow excessive and darker hair. It is a condition called hirsutism and may be caused by a greater level of androgens in the body. Especially for women, the condition may result to embarrassment and ruin one’s self-esteem.

Men are on the lucky side because shaving is always available as a quick fix to the problem. But such is not the case for women, shaving is never an option because it will cause more trouble than solve the issue of facial hair. Shaving will always leave stubble behind and it is one thing that women will never dream of having on the face. Furthermore, women have more sensitive skin than men and are more prone to skin irritation and itchiness.

For most women, hairs on the face are nearly invisible and may appear just like fuzz. However, some women may have dark, thick hairs that grow on some parts of the face particularly the upper lip, eyebrow and chin areas. More likely, women who have this problem detest the presence of facial hair and would go to great lengths just to get rid of it.

Because this is a common frustration of hairy people all over the world, a wide variety of products have been introduced to the market as a solution to facial hair. Some products and services may be expensive while others are more affordable. Depending on what your budget can afford, you can always find ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

Aside from shaving in men and plucking in women, waxing can offer smoother results and the effects may last longer too. However, it can be painful and those with low pain tolerance may not find this option too inviting. But for most people, this can be the most affordable and effective approach because the skin can stay hair-free for six weeks or more, depending on how fast the hair grows.

Another affordable option is the hair removal cream, also called depilatory cream. The ingredients of this type of product are mainly acidic thereby melting hair away literally. The effect is certainly longer than shaving but people with sensitive skin may experience extreme irritation. On the brighter side, these creams are available over the counter and you can perform the hair removal process at home privately.

The closest thing to permanent hair removal is offered by laser hair removal. Also, it only works best for people with lighter skin. The hair follicles are exposed to laser light that kills the hair roots. So it will take a longer time for facial hair to regrow. It may be a painless process but the drawbacks may include scarring and burning, not to mention the cost you have to pay for the several sessions you need to undergo in order to achieve the desired results. Laser hair removal may involve three to four sessions with a few weeks interval.

With all the options presented above, you have to consider what your budget can afford as well as the sensitivity of your skin before you can say that it is the best way to remove your facial hair. Scientifically, permanent hair removal is next to impossible. Even those products and services that claim they have the ability to remove facial permanently is not a guarantee. Some may offer longer effects but then again hair regrowth is inevitable and you will have to face the never-ending process of getting rid of facial hair over and over again.

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