How to Stop Hair Fall with Simple Tricks

How To Stop Hair Fall or Reduce Hair Loss?. Thick and long hair enhances our beauty and it plays a vital role. Now-a-days hair fall problem has increased due to lifestyle change and pollution. Worrying about hair fall also increases it. In this video let us see how we can cure hair fall problem easily with an homemade oil.

How to Stop Hair Fall?

Wash and cut a fresh aloe vera into small piece. Don’t remove the skin as we are going to use with it. We have cut into small pieces. I am pouring coconut oil in a vessel. Vitamins in Coconut oil is helpful to increase your hair growth. Heat the oil in medium flame. After the oil gets hot add the aloe vera pieces one by one. Aloe vera gives hydration to our skin as well as our hair. It removes dandruff and keeps your scalp healthy. It is also helpful for hair growth. Let it boil. Switch off the stove when the colour of aloe vera changes. Let it cool down and filter the oil with a strainer. This oil will be good in room temperature upto two months and no need to refrigerate. You can use this oil as it is or grind 4-5 small onions in mixie and extract the juice, mix with the oil and use. If you use like this the result will be better.

Reduce Hair Loss with Simple Tricks

Onion is rich in sulphur and it strengthens the hair roots and controls hair fall. Don’t add water while grinding small onion. If you have sinus problem, then double boil the onion juice and use. Massage your scalp with this oil. Wash your hair after 1 hour. Both men and women can use this oil and use it weekly twice.