Are Keratin Hair Treatments Safe – All You Need to Know About Keratin Hair Treatment

All You Need to Know About Keratin Hair Treatment – I bet you have heard of different kinds of masks and treatments to make your hair, longer, stronger, shinier etc. And I’m sure you have heard of keratin hair treatment or maybe Brazilian blowout. But do you know what they actually are? I decided to do a research and share my wisdom with you about keratin hair treatment benefits, costs etc.

What is a keratin hair treatment?

Usually these treatments are offered by many hair salons and rarely someone tries to do it at home although you can easily buy online the things you need to do the treatment. The main goal of this hair treatment is to rebuild and restore damaged hair and specifically the areas of your hair that are the most damaged. And that all is done with keratin, a protein which already is in your hair naturally. Keratin that is in your hair helps to protect your hair from damages and stress. So what a keratin hair treatment does is puts back the protein in your hair that is been lost due to age, chemicals, products and other things that may have damaged your hair. It creates a layer of protein to your hair, makes it shine, makes it stronger and also it makes your hair straight.

What’s the process of keratin hair treatment?

First step, your hair will be washed as per usual. Then the keratin serum will be added to your hair. It is a long process, because it is applied one strand of your hair at a time. When keratin serum is put in all of your hair from hair roots to hair ends the heat is added. Your hair is carefully straightened with flat iron. The heat helps to activate keratin interaction with your hair.

How much time does keratin hair treatment takes up?

The whole process will take at least 1,5 hours and if your hair has bigger volume or they are longer it may take even more time to do the treatment. You definitely need to plan this keratin treatment ahead, maybe do it just before the weekend or when you know you won’t have to show your face in public. Why? Because it is advised not to was your hair for at least two to three days, because the serum needs time to sit in and start to work. And believe me your hair will look greasier than fry pan full of fries. And when you finally get to wash your hair you should use sodium-sulfate-free shampoo if you don’t want to ruin the effect of the treatment.

Benefits of keratin hair treatment

First of all, let me say that there is a stereotype that keratin hair treatment is a hair straightening treatment and that’s not the case here. Mainly it is a treatment that relaxes your hair, makes your hair smooth and, yes, kind of makes them a bit straighter and they are easier to straighten. And when straightened it holds up straight longer than usual. For example, if you are caught in some humidity or rain it will stay straight. And when straightened it should stay straight till the next time you wash your hair. Also, what’s great is that keratin hair treatment, the effect of it can last up to 2,5 months.

Should you do a keratin hair treatments?

First of all, you need to know that keratin treatment is no joke and it’s not just another hair mask that you can try on your hair. It is a serious treatment and before doing it I advise you to talk to a professional, it can be a dermatologist or trichologist or maybe you know a hairdresser that is very well educated about hair and it’s needs. You need a consultation especially if you have seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. Also, if your hair is very thin and already lacks of volume maybe keratin hair treatment is not your you, because you may end up looking like a wet dog all the time. Usually, girls with frizzy hair that are hard to manage, damaged hair choose keratin hair treatment.

How much does a keratin hair treatments cost?

The price really depends on the salon, how much do they ask for hair dressers work and from where they get their keratin products, but usually keratin hair treatment is not that cheap. Prices can variate from $200 to $450. But I have to add that though it is not natural homemade hair care, most girls admit that the treatment is very effective.