How to Keep Your Nail Polish from Chipping ?

I think we do not need a big description about how the nail polish wears away very quickly, thereby either making us waste our time by reapplying it or making our fingers look ugly. Instead of wasting your time in reapplying coat after coat of nail polish, we are going to tell you how to keep your nail polish from chipping.

Clean Your Nails

Oil will keep the nail polish from actually adhering to the surface of your nails. Therefore, before starting to paint your nails, use nail polish remover, even if there is no residue of the previous polish. Getting rid of all the unnecessary oils will help you to bond better with your nails.

Avoid Water

Your nails must be completely dry when you are applying your base coat. If your nail beds are even slightly wet, it will definitely prevent your base coat or the polish from adhering properly to your nails. Even after applying the polish, try to reduce the exposure of your nails to the water, as more exposure it has, the faster it chips away.

Avoid Oils

Oils, lotions and some types of moisturizers and creams on your nails prevent the polish from sticking to your skin. It is suggested to avoid all types of cuticle creams, moisturizing soaps and hand lotions right before painting your nails. Or, at least make sure that you wipe your nails and remove all the oils thoroughly before applying polish.

Apply a Base Coat

A base coat is as important as a top coat. It is one of the steps in getting fabulous, long-lasting and chip-proof nail polish. It not only prevents the polish from staining your nails, but also, it adheres to your nails better than then the regular nail polish. It also acts like a primer, giving your polish a smooth even canvas.

Not Too Thick

Although it is tempting to just slap one thick coat instead of two or three thin coats, it is not the best way to be followed if you want your polish to last long enough. Increase in the thickness of the polish means that it has a better chance of developing bubbles in the blobs, which can compromise adhesion to the nail.

Apply a clear Top Coat

Applying the top coat is the most important step to prevent your nail polish from chipping. Unlike the base coating, the top coat should look smooth, shiny and may sometimes take extra time to dry completely. You can even apply the coat daily or every other day, if possible, to protect your nails.

Let it Dry

Nail polish appears to dry in less than 15 minutes. But, actually, it takes at least 45 minutes for the polish to bond well with your nails. Once it is dry, take care and protect them from harsh chemicals such as cleaning products and detergents as they can cause the polish to chip away. Some nail experts even say that dipping your nails in cold water after the nail polish application, may help you in drying the polish quickly.

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