Oily Skin Care Routine – How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

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Facial Moisturizers and Oily Skin

Face is one of the most sensitive parts of human being, and face is the center of attraction of every one. Thus, people have to pay special attention to their face and skin. Facial moisturizers are the best options for people with dry skins but there are many people using it for oily skin.

The problem is not in moisturizers since moisturizer is beneficial to all kinds of skin but the problem is in selecting the right one that best suits your skin type.

Study show that any skin type may suffer from dehydration whether it is oily skin or dry skin. The lower amount of water in the skin makes dry or sensitive skin and there are various moisturizers that can balance the skin moisture without making it oily. The moisturizer we use makes a thin layer on our skin that prevents water in our skin to evaporate. The moisturizer containing Babassu should be used in any dehydrated skin. Babassu is a light natural wax and is highly resistive to the evaporation of water from skin without making your skin oily. A correctly moisturized face makes people comfortable. It will not have the itchiness or peeling. There are people who are scared of adding more moisture to their skin, but facial moisturizer that used suitable ingredient in proper amount will make your skin healthy rather than adding more oil to it.

Causes for Oily Skin

The oil glands supplying excess lubrication to skin, causes the skin get oily.

Oily skin can be caused by genetic condition

An oily sensitive skin can also be because of imbalance in the human gene. It can cause the oil glands to supply excess lubrication to skin, which make your skin oily.

Improper diet The dietary is also a determining factor for oiliness or dryness of skin. Hence, balanced diet is necessary for oily skin; and also one should take adequate amount of water.

Environmental factor People are prone to have oily skin during summer season so use of soaps for drying your skin is good idea during summer.

If you have oily skin then, you may also be suffering from problems of pimples which is one of the factor damaging your skin. Hence, it is highly recommended to use soaps which remove the oil from the skin.

The dry skin has low level of sebum which leads to sensitivity. It usually feels tight and uncomfortable after washing unless some type of moisturizer or cream is applied to your skin. The cracking is the signs of extreme dryness and dehydration in skin.

The Causes of Dryness in Skin

The oil glands not being able to supply enough lubrication to skin is one of the main reason. In some people the production of oil is low due to some genetical imbalance.

Poor diet Diet plays a vital role to make your face healthy. Hence, balanced diet is necessary for good skin.

Environmental factors During winter and windy seasons the skin is prone to get dried and sensitive.

If you have dry skin then it is highly recommended to use best soap for dry skin available in the market before applying any moisturizer in your skin. Dry skin is tight and flaky. Many people dry out their face with soaps that are too harsh so, the use of appropriate soap is very essential for your face treatment. Studies have shown that emollient-rich cleansers dry the skin the least and also adds moisture to the skin. Hence, always prefer emollient-rich cleanser or soap if you have dry skin.

No matter you have dry or oily skin the use of moisturizer is good to make your skin healthy but the proper selection of moisturizer with a good soap for dry skin or oily skin is essential.