Oily Skin Care Routine – How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

Characteristics of Oily Skin Type

Each of us knows what oily skin is and if you are teenager no more, there is a big chance you had oily skin in the past. In this article you may find characteristics of oily skin type and what products oily skin needs.

Oily skin is often encountered in young women and girls, especially after turning 12 years old. Oily skin is the effect of excessive sebaceous glands functioning. Oily skin is thick and it has characteristic shiny look. It is less sensitive to weather and chemical agents but it easily catches bacterial infections. As oily skin is often badly perceived it has its benefits: oily skin happens to be firm, smooth and younger looking for long time.

People with oily skin type often have greasy forehead, nose, chin, back, shoulders and central part of the chest.

When taking care about oily skin, you mast pay special attention to diminishing the depth of horny layer, regulation of sebaceous glands functioning and blood flow improvement.

As far as oily skin treatments are concerned, they should be limited to getting rid of blackheads (which can be done only by the beautician. Don’t remove blackheads yourself!). It is also important to protect oily skin every day at home using proper skin care products and to lead a hygienic life. Oily skin needs special care and products and certain things should be avoided. Products for oily skin type often contain Zinc, Copper and Sulfur.

Zinc Helps your skin to get rid of excess of sebum and balance skin’s natural pH. It has also anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the possibility of negative skin changes.

Copper Regulates sebum secretion and mattifies the places with tendency to become greasy.

Sulfur It works on sebaceous glands, regulating sebum secretion.