An Overnight Hair Mask for Stronger Hair

Overnight hair masks are such a great way to pamper your hair a bit. At night your whole body gets to rest, so why not let your hair to relax and power-up overnight the same as your body does? During your day, not only your body and mind gets tired, your hair struggles too. UV, hair dryers, dust, dirt, straighteners, hair loss, stress etc. Best homemade overnight hair mask will repair damaged hair and keep it hydrated.

Some tips before using best homemade overnight hair mask

For best homemade overnight hair mask, you probably want to choose ingredients that would not interfere with your good night’s sleep. Like yogurt, banana, avocado, egg etc. Before going to sleep with your hair mask in your hair remember about your precious pillow. To avoid making a mess in your bed, you can put on a shower cap (if that doesn’t disturb you to sleep) and put a towel over your pillow.

If you don’t like sleeping in your shower cap put two towels over your pillow because one towel might not do the trick. Also, remember not to put in too much of the mask in your hair, so that your hair would not start to leak on your bed. OK, let’s get to it. Here are in my opinion best homemade overnight hair mask recipes.

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Best homemade overnight hair mask

Coconut oil mask

Let’s start simple this mask recipe contains only one ingredient – coconut oil. Coconut oil when left in your hair overnight will guarantee that your hair will be deeply moisturized. This mask is especially great during summer when the sun’s UV rays that damages and dries out your hair. In the morning, you will need to wash your hair more than once so add that time to your schedule. Condition as usual.

 Castor and Rosemary oil mask

Just mix castor oil and Rosemary oil (the amount depends on your hair volume and length) in proportions 1:1 and apply it to your hair. Start with hair roots and work your way down to hair ends. This hair mask will be a great help for thin and weak hair that tends to fall out. Castor oil is very thick so it is hard to mix with other oils.

To make mixing oils easier you can use a whisk or put oils in small bottle and shake the oils together. But if you don’t have those just use a fork. Washing out the mask will take 2 to 4 times and your hair will seem dry at first, so use a conditioner and leave it in for 5 minutes no matter what the label says. Don’t use this mask more than once in 1,5 weeks and if your hair is extra dry and gets a lot of suns UV maybe use it only once in a month.

JUST THE HAIR ENDS overnight hair mask

Just mix honey with olive oil and put it in your hair ends and put the towel on your pillow or just put over a shower cap. And overnight honey and olive oil will moisture and treat the dry hair ends.

Easy, not messy overnight hair mask

Make some strong cup of chamomile tea and mix it with 2-3 tablespoons of honey and spray it on your hair till it’s wet but not dripping-wet. Put a shower cap over your head ow towels on your pillow. This mask is easy to wash out and you can keep it in your fridge, not for too long though. You can use this mask once a week.