Tips to Reduce Sweat and Body Odor

Body odor is the unpleasant smell that occurs when you sweat. But the truth is the unpleasant smell is only produced if there are bacteria on your skin, which break down the sweat into acids. This pungent aroma may make the people get away from you. Let us see the reliable methods or the tips to reduce sweat and the body odor.

Stay Clean

People with strong bad odors denote that they carry two to three times more bacteria than the other persons do. The only and the best way to flush the bacteria and reduce body odor is washing away your sweat and bacteria regularly and thoroughly. Try to clean the sweaty areas with more water and soap, preferably a deodorant soap. Cleanse yourself at least twice a day (and more often if necessary and possible), if you feel too uncomfortable with your sweat and body odor.

Practice Emotional Management

Anxiety, anger and excitement increase the sweat production. Consider learning & practicing techniques like meditation and visualization that can help you to be cool under stressful circumstances. You can even practice to control your body’s sweat response using natural techniques, which in turn reduces the unpleasant odor also.

Manage Your Wardrobe

Get a fresh start every day by having a shower and wearing clean clothes. It is due to the fact that old sweat on the clothes produces more foul smell. Always choose clothes that will help you manage perspiration. One of the smart options is to install sweat guards on clothes, which you can typically dry clean after multiple wearing. Some people consider it as the reliable way to smell fresher and save money on dry cleaning bills.

Watch What You Eat

Hot weather can make you sweat. But it is not the only type of heat you need to be cautious. Some food experts say that hot and spicy foods like red peppers can make you moist. You should even hold back the thought of using large quantities of onions, fish, red meat, curry, and garlics. The sulfur compounds in them make you sweat more pungently than it would otherwise be. Eat foods, such as parsley, alfalfa, and other leafy greens, to neutralize strong scents.

Protect Your Hide

If you have tried deodorants to reduce the odor, but find that they irritate your skin, then stop that method. Wash yourself with an anti-bacterial soap or apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment. They will definitely annihilate the bacteria on your skin making it harder for them to cause odor problems. For added protection, you can even sprinkle some talcum powder or baking soda, as both absorb the moisture from your skin surface.

Fight Bacteria

Apply ingredients that fight the bacteria. You can apply tea tree oil on the necessary areas as it has the ability to kill the microorganisms. Sage can also help you in fighting the bacteria. Sage tincture, diluted sage oil or some brewed sage tea can help you. Essential oils like peppermint, pine and lavender also serve the purpose.