Stop Sweating Smell – Ways to Prevent Body Odor and Excessive Sweating

How to Stop Sweating Smell | Prevent Body Odor and Excessive Sweating – We are communicating regularly about how to take care of yourself in summer. So far we have discussed more topics on skincare, dressing, makeup etc Even though dress up well , if we forget to take care of this we will be judged by others. Its nothing but sweat smell. It make create embarrassing situations sometime. If any of you have faced such situations share your experience with us through the comment section. In today’s video We are see how to prevent sweat smell or body odour.

We may wonder to hear that the sweat doesn’t have smell but that is the fact. Bad odour comes as sweat reacts with the bad bacteria present in our skin. Only When we sweat toxins will be flushed out and our metabolism will function properly. We can reduce this smell by doing these two basic things like taking bath twice. Wearing neat and clean cotton clothes can also reduce this problem. We can prevent this by following these simple home remedies.

How to Stop Sweating Smell

Go to your fridge and definitely we would have stored lemons. Squeeze half lemon in a bucket of water and take bath after 20 minutes to get refreshed. You are rub the lemon peel in underarm area to lighten the darkness due to usage of razors, hair removal etc., If you are allergic to lemon kindly share your experience in the comment box. It will be helpful for other subscribers and we will think and share skincare tips without lemon. If you are allergic to lemon then squeeze the juice of half tomato and take bath. It may not give results like lemon but still if you are allergic then you can use this option.

Tip #2

Next option is using vetiver which has numerous medicinal properties During summer it is added to water in mud pot and people drink this water. We can add this to the bathing water, Leave it for 2 hours and get a refreshed bath. You can mix vetiver powder and sandal powder and use it as bath powder too. Add few chopped mint leaves in the water, leave it for 20 – 30 minutes and take bath. Finally add a cap of Apple cider vinegar in a mug of water and bath. Some people add Apple cider vinegar in water and take for weight loss. If want to know more about it do comment in the comment section. Some people may get acidic problem while drinking it but it is purely safe to take bath.

Tip #3

Next remedy is with Alum stone you can get in country medicine shops. You can also buy it online through the link given in the description box. Powder Alum stone and store it in an air tight container and use it for a long time. Apply this powder on your body on alternative days but strictly don’t use every day or rub the stone directly on your skin. Follow any one tip out of the four tips I shared to get rid of sweat smell problem. Kindly share your experience which tips worked for you and gave good results in the comment box.

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