Beauty Products You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Makeup or beauty products are the most required thing for today’s women. Without makeup even they don’t like an outing. So it has become an essential condition in women. But it has also advised pregnant women that avoid some beauty and skin care products during pregnancy. Because they can cause harm to your health as well as the baby’s health.

Use of Hair dye

  • Hair dye contains chemical products which may harm to a normal person. So when a pregnant woman using it, there is a lot of chances to get affected because on pregnancy the body remains more sensitive.
  • It can also be a negative impact on your baby.
  • So doctors are advised to not to use hair dye during pregnancy cause it may harm to you and your baby as well.
  • Ammonia is found in many hair dye chemicals. It can cause irritation of the lung and skin and will produce negative features in the baby. So it’s better to stay away from those products during or after pregnancy. Because after pregnancy is the breastfeeding stage which also harms to your baby indirectly. But if you eagerly need these products then you can go through ammonia-free hair dyes which you can easily get in the market.

Nail Painting Products

  • Most of the nail painting products contain the combination of toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate.
  • The chemical contents of nail painting products are extremely toxic which is very dangerous for your pregnancy.
  • If you will use these products they may be your baby will suffer birth defects and several problems in the fetus.
  • So it is strictly prohibited to not to use the nail painting and designing products.

Luxury Soaps and Bathing Products

  • Luxury soaps and bathing products may cause harm to you because these products to contain scented chemicals which are not good for the baby.
  • These products can cause frequent allergies in your body.
  • In some cases, some of these types of ingredients may be effective enough to increase the risk of cancer in your body.

Spray On Sun-tanned parts

  • If you are using the spray for sun tan it will increase the risk of grasping the particles coming from the spray.
  • That too can cause damage to DNA and different other diseases for your fetus.
  • So stay away from those products during pregnancy.

Skin Whitening & Lightening Creams

  • The chemical named Hydroquinone is a very dangerous chemical which is used in many skin and beauty care products.
  • So doctors and health care professionals have suggested to not using these types of chemical products, especially during pregnancy because it may harm both you and your baby.

Heavy Scented Perfumes

  • Most of the perfumes do not reveal a list of ingredients and chemical, every so often labeling them as a collection under the word fragrance.
  • Phthalates, one of the most commonly used chemicals in most of the perfumes.
  • It is responsible to cause toxicity in reproduction, affects the proper growth and progress of the fetus.
  • Besides, the scented perfumes are also not good because the scent is also a mixture of chemicals. Some people are getting asthma like a problem.
  • So it will get a negative impact on the baby as well as the mother.


  • This is the main thing that women love. But during pregnancy, it may be harmful to you and your baby’s skin as the cream for waxing contains chemicals.
  • It can cause skin irritations too.
  • During pregnancy, our body parts are swelling and in that condition, if you will do waxing then you will get skin inflammation and irritation.
  • So you must stay away from waxing during pregnancy.

Acne Medications

  • Acne medicines contain usually benzoyl peroxide. And pregnancy can cause hormonal acne. Benzoyl peroxide chemical fall on category C, which is harmful to the unborn baby.
  • So it’s said that don’t use any type of acne medications during pregnancy.

Essential oils

  • These are the oil which is used in many beauty and skin products.
  • These are also dangerous to even pregnancy people.
  • And for pregnant women, it is so much harmful because of its chemical content.
  • Doctors suggested that generally did. Essential oils are as safe as considered.
  • There is two commonly used essential that is rosemary oil and tea tree oil and.
  • Tea tree oil is very strong and poisonous. It has side effects including drug reactions, dermatitis, estrogenic effects, and blistering disease. Pregnant women should beware these because they may cause premature shrinkages during pregnancy.
  • Similarly, Rosemary oil can increase blood pressure and can cause uterine retrenchments at high dosages.

Conclusion:- The above beauty and skin care products may harm you as well as your baby so here are the top 8 beauty products you must avoid during pregnancy and take care of both of you.