Green Coffee For Weight Loss – Does Green Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

When green coffee beans are ground and not roasted, they retain the Chlorogenic acid. The results of grinding the bean are green coffee extract which is a natural supplement for boosting the metabolism and burning fat for a quicker weight loss. This unique nutrient has many benefits for the overall health of the human body.

The extract helps to maintain a good blood sugar level by using fat for energy instead of storing it in the body. The supplement also reduces the size of the fat cells in the body. Even without exercise or tiring diets, the extract can decrease the amount of fat in the body by ten percent. Some studies have shown that it can also lower cholesterol, which is healthier for the body.

The University of Scranton conducted a research study on the weight loss benefits of participants using green coffee bean extract. Participants were all overweight, between the ages of 22 to 46 and the study lasted 22 weeks. The participants were weighed and divided into three groups.

One group was given 1,050 dosages of extract, one group a low dosage of 750-extract supplement and one a placebo. All participants were closely monitored for what they ate and exercise habits. Each person was charted on how many calories were taken in and how many were burned off.
At the end of the 22 weeks, each participant was weighted. The study showed that the average decrease in weight was 17 pounds. Ninety percent of the weight that was lost was fat. Using all the participants’ statistics the average decrease in weight was around 10.5 percent on an average and the fat decrease averaged out to about sixteen percent. If only the higher dosage was used for all participants, the loss of weight and fat would have been much higher.

What amazed the researchers the most was the lack of exercise the participants did and a large number of calories they ate each day. On average, each person took in about 2,400 calories and only burned off about 400 calories. Most people cannot lose weight eating that many calories per day and not burning off more. Researchers believe that the extract was the reason for the metabolic change in the participants, which caused all the loss of weight.

The head of the research team believes that the green coffee extract, which has a high dosage of Chlorogenic acid, stopped the absorption of fat in the participant’s bodies. He also believed that the liver was signaled to burn fat faster than normal, which increased the loss of weight for the participants.
When the coffee beans are roasted, the Chlorogenic acid is burned out of the bean. That is why when people drink a lot of coffee they do not have the benefit of raising their metabolic rate to burn fat. To experience the loss of weight the bean needs to be unroasted.

Several medical studies have shown that green coffee extract is a genuine weight loss product. The supplements have been found to be safe and effective for long-term use in controlling weight problems.