Period pain – How do I relieve my menstrual cramps?

How do I relieve my period cramps? How to reduce period pain? Today I wanted to share an important tip. I guess most of our subscribers are female. In case if you are guy who is watching this video you can share this tips to your Mother, Sister or wife. This tips will be useful especially for ladies.

Menstrual Stress is a big tension for all women. We have to change or postpone our plans due to this. I am sure that all girls should have come across such situation in your life. We cannot prevent this as this process is natural and biological.

By following some simple tips we can reduce our menstrual pain

Menstrual cramps can give mental stress for many women as it will be painful and many of us would have wished to be a boy. I am going to share a simple tip with which you can reduce the pain. Take 5-6 raisins and 2-3 strands of Saffron. Even though it is costly it will be very effective to reduce menstrual cramp pain. Soak these two in water for Overnight.

Next day morning take it with or without the water in an empty stomach and if you wish you can drink water alone. Do this 10 days before your periods and most of the ladies will be calculative about this surely. For the rest 20 days take a banana in an empty stomach and it can be any variety of Banana. And for the 10 days before our periods we are going to take Soaked Raisins and saffron.

Fenugreek Seeds for period pain

Our forefathers tell us to take fenugreek seeds if we have stomach pain either soaked or without soaking. We should not take this during our periods as it may disturb the body heat which is essential for our metabolism and menstrual cycle. We can take it monthly 26 or 27 days except during the menstrual days. Strictly follow these tips and definitely there will be huge difference. Follow this for two months and do share your experience after using this in the comment section.

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